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ongboat Key is a 10.8-mile barrier island in Southwest Florida. On the east side, the Key en- closes the western boundary of Sarasota Bay. It’s bor- dered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico. The dense mangroves of the Key’s eastern edge are a popular spot for kayakers and boaters to catch a glimpse of wildlife like dolphins and manatees.
The Key is separated from neighboring islands by deep water passes from the Gulf of Mexico to Sarasota Bay. On the north end, Longboat Pass Bridge connects the Key to Bradenton Beach. On the south end, New Pass Bridge links Longboat Key to St. Armands Key.
Longboat Key’s sister island, St. Armands Key is 83.6 acres, while Lido Key is 530 acres in total. Both lie to the south of Longboat Key and are located west of Sarasota. Lido Key is bordered by Sarasota Bay on the east and west, while St. Armands Key is surrounded by Lido Key to the west and Sarasota Bay to the east. d
ongboat Key’s primary thoroughfare is Gulf of Mexico Drive (SR 789), a two-lane state highway that runs the length of the Key from north to south. All other byways are town-owned, two-lane roads which connect to Gulf of Mexico Drive. St. Ar- mands Key’s main route is also SR 789, which takes you around St. Armands Circle and into Sarasota.
Benjamin Franklin Drive is Lido Key’s major transportation artery, and is located west of Boule- vard of the Presidents on St. Armands Circle.
The Intracoastal Waterway traverses Sarasota Bay and is accessible from Longboat Key from both the Gulf passes and through numerous channels reachable from the island’s bayside.
In addition to driving, the Sarasota County Area Transit and Manatee County Area Transit systems have a bus/trolley service that makes convenient stops all along the island. Sarasota Bradenton International Airport at 6000 Airport Circle is the best way to reach the Longboat Key vicinity by air. Located east of Tamiami Trail (US 41), in Sarasota, it’s only 30 minutes from Longboat Key. Visit or call 941-359-5200 for more information. d
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Daily High temp.
Jan	71 Feb.	73 March	76 April	81 May	86 June	89 July	90 Aug.	90 Sept.	89 Oct.	85 Nov.	79 Dec.	73
Avg. Gulf temp.
63 64 68 74 80 84 86 86 84 78 70 64
On average, Sarasota’s warmest month is July and January is the average coolest month. The maxi- mum average rainfall usually falls in August.

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